Calling all Deer Managers!

Join us in historic downtown San Antonio, Texas for the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group February 28 through March 2, 2010.  San Antonio can trace its roots back to a settlement founded in 1718.  Almost 300 years of history and diverse cultures have left their mark on this unique city deep in the heart of Texas.  Those who attended the 1995 SEDSG meeting will remember the Menger Hotel, which will again be the host hotel for this meeting.  Established in 1859 the Menger has hosted distinguished guests such as Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Babe Ruth, and Mae West, to name a few.  Theodore Roosevelt recruited many of his Rough Riders, volunteers for the American Cavalry in the Spanish-American war, in the hotel bar. The traditional social will be hosted at the nearby Buckhorn Saloon and Museum.  The Buckhorn opened its doors in 1881 with a standing offer to all patrons - “Bring in your deer antlers and you can trade them for a shot of whiskey or a beer.”  This simple offer started what is considered by some to be the largest collection of antlers and horns on public display in the world.  San Antonio is also the gateway to both South Texas and the Texas Hill Country.  South Texas is the region of Texas known for producing outstanding whitetails and the Hill Country supports some of the highest deer densities in the state.  So whether it is quality or quantity when it comes to whitetail deer, we are in the middle of it.  Come see us – pull up a chair, put your feet up, relax and let’s discuss Intensive Deer Management (IDM).

The theme for this year’s meeting is QDM to IDM: The Next Step or the Last Straw? As we continue to research and learn more about the most popular big game animal in North America, opportunities exist to get increasingly specific and intensive in our management programs. What are the intentions and results of these intensive management programs? In some instances we may ask ourselves, “Have we gone too far?”  Texas provides land managers with a number of options to intensively manage deer herds. We will look at these options and you can make the call at the shoot from the hip session, Intensive Deer Management Techniques – A Path to Purgatory or Paradise?  We hope that these topics will spark some interest and we look forward to both common ground and diverse opinions.  

We encourage you to submit abstracts for papers that examine current deer research and management programs, with particular emphasis on subjects that examine intensive deer management practices.  In addition to the technical presentations during the various sessions, a poster session will be offered.    Deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 25, 2009. 

Please visit these sites for more information on this year's hosting organizations:

    Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

    Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society

    Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute